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April Events

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Meet at 9:45 AM at the parking area of Four Springs. The Preserve is located off Camano Hill Road from East or West Camano Drive. Turn north onto Lewis Lane. A FOCIP Walk sign will designate Lewis Lane. See this beautiful preserve with a walk on the Perimeter Trail including the Holton Wetland Trail. The Perimeter Trail includes two 50 foot fairly steep hills with benches for resting at the top. The distance of the walk is approximately 2 miles. Hopefully, the skunk cabbage will be in bloom! A peek at the day rental Four Spring House and Meadow Room and Barn will be available if there is no rental scheduled that day.
No dogs please for the safety of the walkers.

Camano Wildlife Program

April 17th, 2024 7:00 PM

“Introduction to Pollinator Diversity” by Bob Gillespie 

In-Person Event
Island County Multi-Purpose Center
141 E Camano Drive

This program will introduce participants to some of the key characteristics used to identify pollinators, their fascinating life histories, the approximate time adults are actively collecting pollen and nectar, some important habitats for their survival, and where they spend their lives developing into adults.  

Bob recently retired from the faculty of Wenatchee Valley College and has been an entomologist for over 42 years. His current goal is to help people become aware of how diverse and important pollinators are to the web of life and our existence and to encourage people to develop pollinator habitat around their yards, gardens, and farms. Learning about the pollinators and their habitats will also provide food and shelter for butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.

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