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The FOCIP Adopt-a-Park program provides a free-form way for volunteers to donate significant value to Camano Island’s parks and trails.

Volunteers sign up to monitor and perform light maintenance on a specific trail or section of a park for one year, running from July – June. They walk the trail a couple of times a month.  Typical tasks includes pruning back branches, keeping the trail clear, raking leaves and reporting trail conditions.  Large tasks should be reported back to FOCIP.

Members: to report your adopt a park hours, please use the Member Login at the top of this page.

Want to Adopt A Park?

Please see the list of Parks we serve at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to adopt an available trail, please fill out the Adopt-a-Park Agreement and Liability forms below & return to FOCIP at the address on the form.

The requirements for Adopt A Park are simple:

  • Check the trail or planted bed twice a month or so.
  • Perform light maintenance such as pruning branches, clearing downfall and raking leaves.
  • Report trail/park conditions and hours regularly. Go to Member Login on the website and login to fill out a report.
  • Report to FOCIP any need for major maintenance, tree removal, or other damage. Suggestions for improving our parks and trails are always welcome as well.

A detailed list of trails, beds and parks available for adoption is on the Agreement Form below. If you would like assistance making a selection, please contact our President, Tom at

Adopt-a-Park AgreementFOCIP Liability Form

Parks We Serve

  • Cama Beach State Park
  • Camano Island State Park
  • Barnum Point Preserve
  • Camano Center & Legacy Garden
  • Camano Ridge Forest Preserve
  • Elger Bay Preserve
  • English Boom Historical Park
  • Four Springs Lake Preserve
  • Henry Hollow Off Leash Dog Park
  • Iverson Spit Preserve
  • Ivy/Dry Lake Rd. Trailhead
  • Kristoferson Beaver Marsh & Creek Habitat
  • Utsalady Vista Park
  • Walter G. Hutchison Park (Skeeter Daddle Park)

Still have questions?